Sunday, November 28, 2010

Progress Report XXXXIX - November 28

Last Week's Weight: 213 lbs
Current Weight: 209.2 lbs.
Loss/Gain: - 3.8 lbs.
Weekly Percentage of Weight Loss: 1.78%

10.2 lbs. to Year-End Goal (199 lbs.)
40.2 lbs. to Goal (169 lbs.)

Exercise Hours: 4:31:19.5 hours

Exercise Distance: 14.5 miles (2.25 running; 12.25 walking)

Calories Burned: 2,371 (338 avg. daily)

Weekly Calories Consumed: 7,705 (1,100 avg. daily)

Net Weekly Calories: 5,334 (762 avg. daily)

So the week started off well. I was working out like normal, albeit in colder and colder weather. It got to the point that no matter how warm I stayed inside my multiplying layers of clothing, my feet froze after about 20 minutes. I did what I had to: I renewed my membership to the gym. And that was amazing for my next couple of workouts.



And while I didn't splurge on Thanksgiving, in fact I was downright strong-willed with only 1,048 calories, I didn't do so hot the next two days. Friday I had the most calories I've eaten since starting this weight loss endeavor again (1,375) and skipped my workout. Saturday I sat around the house all day long - again, no workout - and ended the night with 1,156 calories.

These two days didn't seem to hurt the progress this week, but they were a mental stumbling block that needs to be overcome quickly. It's like falling down in the middle of a marathon. I just need to stand back up, dust off my knees, and continue running. I didn't hurt myself to the point that I can't finish the race.

I need to make it through the night, a good dinner and a trip to the gym, and then I'll be back to my normal routine, vacation over. At least for another 4 weeks until my next vacation - this one even longer than a few days.


I think the thing I'm lacking at the moment is the motivation to continue. I'm down to that point where I'm only 10 pounds from where I always give up and revert back to my unhealthy ways. What is IT that gets me beyond that point?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back to the Gym

I went yesterday and renewed my membership (at a significant rate increase and 12 month contract) at the local Anytime Fitness facility.

And it couldn't have been more worth it.

I went late last night for my run and some weights and everything was just as I remembered it. It took some fumbling and an almost dropped iPod before I had everything set just right on the treadmill, but the run itself was great. I was able to push it a bit harder than I probably was doing outside because of the ability to adjust the pace, and stay on pace. I added a little sprint to the end of the workout, the last .25 miles. Overall: fantastic.

In fact, I could have stayed at the gym much longer than I did, getting reacquainted with all the different weight lifting opportunities. Knowing I'd be back in the morning was the only thing (okay, and it was already 11PM) that sent me home.


I didn't quite make it back to the gym at the time I wanted (5AM) this morning, so as to beat the crowd, but I was there at a little after 8, back on the treadmill for a couple miles of walking. I did some ab work and stretching after that. I love it. It's freezing cold outside and I'm able to still put in a fantastic workout.

Sure, it's expensive at about $1.37 a day, but there was no way I was going to be able to stay motivated as the layers of clothing needed to battle the cold outside kept adding up.


Chances are I'll be back tonight. I think I've got another hour in me. I might as well put in two-a-day workouts while I can on vacation because the time I'll have available when I go back to work Monday will be just as limited as before. If not more as things wind down toward winter break.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weight Loss Graph - November 21

Progress Report XXXXVIII - November 21

Last Week's Weight: 218.4 lbs
Current Weight: 213 lbs.
Loss/Gain: - 5.4 lbs.
Weekly Percentage of Weight Loss: 2.47%

14 lbs. to Year-End Goal (199 lbs.)
44 lbs. to Goal (169 lbs.)

Exercise Hours: 6:16:26.4 hours

Exercise Distance: 22 miles (6 running; 16 walking)

Calories Burned: 4,251 (607 avg. daily)

Weekly Calories Consumed: 7,516 (1,073 avg. daily)

Net Weekly Calories: 3,265 (466 avg. daily)

Sweetness! It's just like I'm on THE BIGGEST LOSER: put up a good week's weight loss and the next week suffers. And THEN the following week you're back to the big numbers. Like this week: 5.4 lbs.

Actually, it probably has more to do with the change in exercise. After a month of basically the same workouts, my body had adapted to lifestyle and settled into a groove. Shake it up by adding in running and a few new weight lifting exercises and the body goes into weight loss shock again. I just need to keep things fresh.

And I was less stressed.

Ah, who knows? Could be any of those things, or nothing at all. I'm just happy with my progress, and my goal looks to be within reach again. I only need to lose an average of 2.33 pounds a week to meet the year-end goal.

It was nice getting back into the running, but it's getting a little late in the year for it (outside, at least). I'm going to go to 24 Hour Fitness and renew my membership on Wednesday. It's an additional expense, but it ensures I'll be able to workout no matter the weather. It also allows me the opportunity to vary my workouts to a larger degree. I'm most excited about being able to continue with the running once the weather turns bad. And let me tell you, the cold is already starting to frustrate me - too many layers.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with how the week went. I didn't average very many calories, but at this point I need that deficit to power the weight loss. The challenge I'll have after the new year is building the calorie consumption back up to a reasonable, sustainable level while not adding weight. It'll be a delicate balance between diet and exercise. But that's a challenge for later.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Run #2

Tonight was my second night of running this week. And it was not as easy as the first.

That's not to say that it was overly difficult. In fact, after the first mile, I actually started to find my rhythm - my pace - and was able to finish strong. I went into the run a bit sore, even after a 2 mile walk last night to loosen the stiff muscles. My bad knee (left) ached some throughout the day and was sore after the run. Not so sore that I'm concerned any more than normal. I stretched like I've been doing for the past month, and then iced the knee. That's about the best I can do.

As for "killing it," I'm not doing too bad. The extra two miles last night should push my weekly total to 20 miles, unless I'm willing to add another 2 miles tomorrow or something more on my rest day, Saturday. Shouldn't push it too much though. I don't want to burn myself out.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Inspiration...and the Right Attitude

A tweet I read linked to this article, and I have to say, that while written probably for's quite awesome. It's motivating. It has a great message. And, well...just read it. "A Call to Arms (And Abs, Quads, Calves, and Shoulders)"

Here's a sample:

"Lose 12 pounds by tomorrow by doing these three exercises! Hungry? Eat seven almonds! Fuck that."

"My attitude toward my body changed as well. I stopped really thinking about how it looked and instead focused on getting shit done, realized that any physical changes I was seeing were happening because my body knew best how to shape itself to complete the task at hand."

But seriously...READ. IT.

Killing It

I'm going to kill it this week with my workouts.

I started running tonight. I'm easing myself back into the routine. After three weeks of building up to this point by walking, I figured I'd start easy with a mile warmup walk, then two miles running, finishing with a mile walk to cool down.

It went very well. In fact, I felt like I was flying. What a difference 20 lbs. and a month can make. The running was not this easy when I did the same at Run for the Roses back in October. That's not to say it was all peaches. I was still a bit mentally fatigued at the end of my two mile run. It wasn't bad, but there was that creeping voice in the far back of my mind urging me to stop, walk it in. I ran through the voice, but it was there.

I also added 5 more pushups to my set, a set of 12 squats with weight, and a set of 12 lat presses. Needed to do more than just curls.

It has crossed my mind that the weather will not hold out forever. Tonight it was a brisk 40 with minimal wind - tolerable. But the rain and snow and ice will be coming soon enough, and I'll be left without the outdoors to workout in. It's $35 a month to join back up with the 24 hour fitness place near home. Expensive, but necessary. Especially if I plan to continue this weight loss journey through the winter.

I will have to look into rejoining. Can't keep killing it if I have nowhere to run.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Progress Report XXXXVII - November 14

Last Week's Weight: 220.4 lbs
Current Weight: 218.4 lbs.
Loss/Gain: - 2 lbs.
Weekly Percentage of Weight Loss: 0.9%

19.4 lbs. to Year-End Goal (199 lbs.)
49.4 lbs. to Goal (169 lbs.)

Exercise Hours: 5:43:12.2 hours

Exercise Distance: 18 miles

Calories Burned: 3,257

God, I'm disappointed! Even though I worked out a hour longer, went six miles farther, burned 670 more calories, I lost less than half what I lost last week. And it's not as if I ate any more this week than I did last week. In fact, I probably averaged just a few calories less per day this week than I did last week. I didn't eat any differently. It's...disappointing.

*big breath*

I understand I can't always expect to put up large numbers. I was a lot more stressed out this week with work and car problems. I probably got less sleep than I should have. I didn't push my heart rate up during my walks; I walked a bit more leisurely. I just lost 19 pounds in three weeks. All those things could have had an impact on my weight loss this week.

Two pounds is still a loss. It put me under 50 pounds towards my goal weight. I can still consider the week a victory.

I can't let it bother me. I just need to move on and do what I do for a successful next week. This week I'm going to start running again. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'm going to walk 1 mile, run 2 miles, walk 1 mile for my workout. Starting at this distance has worked for me in the past. The nice thing about running is that it ensures my heart rate will be elevated for at least the two miles I'm running. I might also add some exercises to my weight routine, which currently only involves curls (although it's an impressive amount of curls 1 set of 55 reps at 35 lbs.).

To reach my year-end goal I need to lose an average of 2.77 lbs. per week for the next 7 weeks. I'm going to try and keep my calorie intake around 1,171 calories per day (90% the recommended amount for a loss of 3.1 lbs. in a week). I was a bit more hungry this week than I've been in the past few, so I may actually eat all 1,191 calories I'm recommended. We'll play it by ear.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Progress Report XXXXVI - November 7

Last Week's Weight: 225.8 lbs
Current Weight: 220.4 lbs.
Loss/Gain: - 5.4 lbs.
Weekly Percentage of Weight Loss: 2.39%

21.4 lbs. to Year-End Goal (199 lbs.)
51.4 lbs. to Goal (169 lbs.)

Exercise Hours: 4:32:01.7 hours

Exercise Distance: 12 miles

Calories Burned: 2,587

That's frustrating. No, not frustrating...disappointing? I can eat fewer calories, workout more, burn more calories, and still lose less weight? I understand - and so am not really disappointed - that as you lose more weight it becomes harder to lose weight. Still, I like those big numbers and will keep shooting for them. I'll need decent numbers to reach my year-end goal anyway.

It is amazing that I've lost 19 lbs. over the last 3 weeks. That's an average of 6.33 lbs. a week. Not too shabby. It'll be nice to get to my first goal, but the real challenge will be working on those last 30 pounds. I've made it to the point where I'd be ready to tackle those 30 pounds, but then backslid immediately after.

I noticed this week that I had to tighten the belt a little bit to keep the pants from hanging too loose. I was looking at my belt and I noticed the notch I had to add to the end of it when I was down just over 200 lbs. last December. Now I've got something to shoot for again. I'm working toward that notch.

And on a related note, it's a nice feeling having your clothes a little baggy instead of tight and constricting, squeezing the comfort from the day.

On the workout plan I created while standing around at work a few weeks ago I noticed that I'm supposed to start running again this week. I think I'm going to push that back one more week to give myself the chance to build up my total weekly mileage a little more so that the addition of running isn't a doubling of what I'm doing now.

I'm also instituting a (mostly) rest day on Saturdays instead of working out 7 days a week. I work Saturday and more often than not I'm working hard, and I'm exhausted by the time I come home. Pushing carts for hours or moving concrete blocks takes a toll. It does elevate the heart rate, especially at the speed in which I work - always trying to get done as fast as possible. I might still take a leisurely walk or something like that on Saturday, but I'll otherwise take it easy and try recover from the week's workouts.