Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back for the Thousandth Time

With 2.8 pounds lost over the past 6 days, I'm back on track. For like the thousandth time. My weight loss journey would be some badass roller coaster. Huge ups and downs and seems to go on forever and ever.

I'm going to stay positive and believe that this will be the last big drop. Then it'll be just years of level - healthy - going.

There are no excuses other than the choices I made, but the past has past. I'm trying to be more Zen and living in the moment. I'll do what I can day by day.

The weight loss over the past 6 days came strictly by diet. I counted calories and was extremely strict in what I ate. Small portions in all the food groups daily along with 8 cups of water.

This week I'll get out and exercise in addition to the diet. It was a combination that worked so well for me last fall/early winter. It was manageable and not too unrealistic. It will help not having the two jobs this summer. It'll free up time so that the exercise doesn't eat up the time I would use for sleep. Being fully rested and unstressed helps with any weight loss program.

So, I'm back to it. Here we go again.