Sunday, June 26, 2011

Progress Report LIV - June 26

Current Weight: 196.8 lbs.
Last Week's Weight: 201.4 lbs
Loss/Gain: - 4.6 lbs.
Weekly Percentage of Weight Gain: 2.3%

27.8 lbs. to Goal (169 lbs.)

This sure has become one roller coaster ride of a weight loss journey. Up and down and up...and now down again. I've said this many, many times before, but this time it - my weight - stays down.

I've been back at the diet since May 10th and the exercise since the start of June. It's done wonders. I've taken off 23.4 pounds in 47 days. That's essentially a half a pound a day!

Looking back a few posts, it was Christmas time again that sent me back up. I burned myself out with the diet and exercise. Add to that the temptation of the food at that time of year, and it was all shot again.

The cool thing this time around is that I've started back on the path BEFORE the summer. Typically I wait until August or September. I was laziest during the easiest months to workout. And that just packed on the pounds. This time around I'm taking full advantage of the weather and longer days. I'm getting the most out of this summer. Also, I'm eating more. That's helped with maintaining the diet. I'm not being so strict with the calories. I'm enjoying meals when I want. I'm just being responsible when I can.

Right now it's been a lot of biking and running. Fast running. For me. Which is an awesome thing. I love seeing those quick miles fly by. It's all building up to the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World in January. It should be a nice cap to the whole weight loss journey.

Here's a couple of graphs and charts because you KNOW how much I like seeing these. (Especially when they look like this.)

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Ryan said...

You broke the 200 pound barrier! Awesome job Pirate! Pretty soon you'll weigh less than I do.