Monday, June 27, 2011

5k (Semi) Challenge

So I never planned on running fast again. I mean, sure I'd hoped to run my next marathon quicker. I'd hoped to bring in a more respectable time during the next Run for the Roses (5k). But I'd never thought I'd be contemplating running 7 minute miles or even trying to get back to times I ran in high school.

All it took was some friendly goading from my best friend to put me back into the mood for speed.

So last night, after a small tweet back-and-forth, I decided to try a 5k at 7:30 minute miles. I was actually able to complete it. On a treadmill, but that was the best way to ensure I maintained pace. Also, there was a huge thunder and lightning storm all evening yesterday. No way to run outside.

As cool is it is to have done a 5k in 23:15, I think I'm going to wait awhile - get in a bit better shape (a month of working out and 30 pounds overweight is still not quite prime condition) - before I try the speed thing again.

I do have hope that I can bring my marathon pace down to 9:00 minute miles...that would get me done in just under 4 hours. I'd really like that.

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